NEFORD (Nand Educational Foundation for Rural Development)

A Vechile for Empowerment of Rural Masses and Sustainable Agricultural Development

(Registered under Indian Societies Act, 1860)


NEFORD Vocational Training & Information-Cum- Service Centre Program

The major objectives of the Program are the upliftment of the rural downtrodden and development of rural society by improving their access to vocational training and information. NEFORD conducts various vocational training programs with regards to non-farm and farm activities for rural youths so that they can get selfemployment opportunities in the rural area. The Program mandate also includes conducting survey and impact studies of various projects and schemes so that others can know the effectiveness of such activities/programs. It undertakes vocational training for the farmers, farm women, rural youth and grass roots level extension workers in the broad based agricultural production system. It aims at providing critical skills so that the trainees may confidently use it to increase agricultural productivity and become self-reliant through gainful selfemployment. Various self-employment generating programs include dairy, goat rearing, poultry management, mushroom cultivation, nursery management, basic course in photography, advanced
tailoring, arts & crafts, fruit and vegetable preservation, bakery and confectionery, bio-pesticide and bio-fertilizer production. NEFORD attempts at making women economically self-sufficient by enhancing their kills in manufacturing handicrafts, therefore equipping the women to earn a better income from home. Rural women artisans by and large earn very little, as they work for middlemen, who sell their handicrafts for a much higher profit. NEFORD provides training to rural artisans and actively support thir marketing efforts. The revenue generated from the sale of the handicrafts goes directly back to the artisans, with no iddlemen involved.

Empowering communities through knowledge is an important mission of NEFORD. Over the years, both
Central & State Governments have initiated various poverty alleviation schemes & programs for the
benefit of poor. Unfortunately, there is sheer lack of awareness regarding these schemes, amongst those for whom these are intending to serve. NEFORD plans set-up an Information-cum-Service Center. The
Center would not only provide information on poverty alleviation programs but also on latest technologies &
varieties, market information & intelligence and buyers & sellers guide on agricultural inputs and produce.