NEFORD (Nand Educational Foundation for Rural Development)

A Vechile for Empowerment of Rural Masses and Sustainable Agricultural Development

(Registered under Indian Societies Act, 1860)


NEFORD Education Program

Though focus of NEFORD Education Program is on Children particularly the Girl Child, it also includes adult education, non-formal education and social education. NEFORD plans to setup its own educational institution covering both school level and college level academics. In addition, the Program also includes
undertaking various short-term education and training courses. The program curriculum encourages learner-centered participatory approach. Group learning and Children’s participation is encouraged.

Efforts are made to maintain such an environment, which makes lesson interesting and improves children’s understanding of subject. Teachers / Education volunteers working with NEFORD undergo training / orientation programs from time to time. With a view to inculcating reading habits amongst rural people,

NEFORD plans to establish libraries in rural areas. These libraries would be equipped with computer and provided with internet access, where ever possible. NEFORD has already constructed a school building cum library facility in Mau, Uttar Pradesh. In the long run, it plans to develop educational infrastructure in rural areas of Eastern India, till such time it would hire premises or operate from other temporary arrangements to conduct its Program.