NEFORD (Nand Educational Foundation for Rural Development)

A Vechile for Empowerment of Rural Masses and Sustainable Agricultural Development

(Registered under Indian Societies Act, 1860)


NEFORD Children & Women Welfare Program

NEFORD aims at overall development of children using an approach, which incorporates social, cultural and educational aspects and endeavors to reduce dependency of women through self-supportive and self-reliant programs. The children & women play a crucial role in diffusing knowledge to others and contribute significantly to the development of both their family and community. NEFORD promotes Non-Formal Education, Children’s Clubs, skill training, women’s associations and establishment of shelter homes for girls. NEFORD is contemplating an idea of setting up of the weaving unit for women to produce mats, table mats, bags of different shapes and designs, embroidery work and other craft items.

NEFORD has accorded a high priority to Women Empowerment through research studies, training and capacity building. Political Empowerment of women needs to be encouraged from village panchayats to the National Parliament. This helps in awareness building with regard to all governmental schemes, structure and function of panchayats, developmental programs, legal provisions with implications on women's lives, such as education of the girl child, child marriage, dowry, feminization of poverty, legal provisions for divorce and alimony and other gender issues. Economic Empowerment of women is promoted through
organization of self-help groups, focussing on credit and thrift activities, meeting social financial needs and
investments for initiating micro enterprises. While facilitating financial and institutional development for initiating economic activities, capacity building for income generation through training in various skills and
trades and with potential for sustainability is a thrust area of NEFORD’s activities. NEFORD carries out
Awareness Campaign against unsafe abortions, female infanticide, dowry and child labour.