NEFORD (Nand Educational Foundation for Rural Development)

A Vechile for Empowerment of Rural Masses and Sustainable Agricultural Development

(Registered under Indian Societies Act, 1860)


NEFORD Agriculture Development Program

NEFORD undertakes activities aimed at increasing agriculture productivity through application of modern technologies matching needs of farm communities. The Program is implemented through community based groups using participatory approach.NEFORD plans and refines location specific technologies developed by Research Stations and State Agricultural Universities and blend the indigenous technical knowledge of farmers with the package of technology evolved by research institutions. Emphasis is given to increasing farmers' income through crop and farm diversification. Promoting agroforestry, horticulture, floriculture, cultivation of plants with medicinal value and fodder crops is an integral part of this approach.

Besides this various agro clinical services like soil, water, leaf and petiole analysis is for effective nutrient utilization and disease and pest analysis are also readily made available to farmers. Water, plant and fertilizer samples are being tested and as per the test report, the recommendations for use of fertilizers is being given to the farmers. Diagnostic services like identification of nutrient deficiencies in plants, identification of pest & diseases in crops and animals and related advisory services is provided to farmers. Various kinds of seeds, fertilizers and pesticides are being supplied on subsidized or no-profit basis. Seeds of new varieties have been provided to the farmers under this Program.